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Real Stories: Its Called One Woman Show

Its a True Story of Priyanka Chugh who decided to do something of her own – something which would symbolize unity in diversity of India. She wanted to incorporate the designs from heritage, cultures and traditions of this country into clothes that we wear and love and she did it. Lets read her inspirational story.
“Through my schooling and graduation, I had identified my inclination towards crafts and design. While coming back from Italy after my final degree, I had decided to do something of my own – something which would symbolize unity in diversity of India. I wanted to incorporate the designs from heritage, cultures and traditions of this country into clothes that we wear and love. That’s why it came up to Ek Taara.

As much as this name delighted anyone with positive vibes when they heard it, they went to ask about the difficulties I would’ve been facing to start something from scratch in a city I haven’t stayed in. Right from shifting the house, meeting various vendors, dealing with works to tapping new target markets – I did it all by myself. Even became the model for my own apparels. I faced rejections and stares but I held my head high and didn’t cringe in doing any task. I even made my car like a second home. I still came across people who enquired just about life, love and other issues without paying heed to the hard work I am putting in the accomplishment of a goal.
Apparently, I didn’t let them get to my head, took a deep breath, meditated, managed a control over my own mind and dealt with patience and calmness. If my own peace would have been affected, the work on the clothing would reflect it too, which would further cause mix-match of personal, emotional and professional lives. So in chaos, I just remembered how I’ve always managed myself on my own and the first apparel designed by myself served as a good uplifting inspiration to me.”
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Vintage Clothing & Stores in Florence

Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder and Kate Moss, what do these women share in common?that's right, true love for Vintage clothes. Packed in shadows of todays’s fashion are the collections of 20th century fashion that have laid the foundation of the true creators , who defined the fashion in 21th century. A collective term for  new or second-hand garments dating from period of  20 to 100 years ago is what we term ‘Vintage’ . The trend of opening vintage shops in various significant cities is catching up. People are curious of ‘Vintage clothing’ and  they are showing a keen desire to own some . These products have the true essence of taking us back and making us belong  to the era in which it was born. Fashionable women who can easily afford  expensive designer updated clothes are preferring Vintage. The demand and acceptance of this has increased dramatically since the early 1990s, proudly displaying  the heritage and culture of the times and region it belonged to .  The appeal that Vintage clothes give is great for distinguishing oneself and to bring out the individualism inside of us. Retro - styling has caught up in today’s time . With the incredible variety of clothing, jewelry, handbags and hairstyle there is a great  opportunity to explore your free will and become who you chose to be. Perhaps this is the only thing whose value increases with each passing season bringing in more character to the Vintage article.
Florence, being the centre of renaissance art movement and the land where the first ever haute couture  fashion show in  Italy was ever held in 1951 .You can find quite a good assortment of vintage shops here.  In addition to the stores, there is Vintage selection fashion fair that happens every year. For now,We have carefully analyzed a list of  stores  where you can splurge on those rich Vintage items enriching your wardrobe with truly  collector's item. 
1. Melrose Vintage 2. Ceri Vintage  3. Epoca Vintage  4. Jules and Jim 5. Angelo vintage.

 Capturing the aura of a vintage world, we find Melrose the perfect stop for your Vintage needs. Started 3 years back by the brother team of Giuseppe and Salvatore, is situated at two places at via dei Ginori 18r and Via Largo Allinari. The right blend of collection can be found here. Your true desire to buy any collectors item can be fulfilled here. This store conveniently fits your pockets with Items ranging from 5 to 6000 Euros. Starting from Designer scarves of Hermes, Prada, Gucci and many more to authentic alligator skin leather jacket of Jean Claude Jitois from Paris. If you find yourself  unaware of  products make sure you talk to the owner, a vintage dealer, who is ever passionate to talk about his store. Begin your shopping by bringing  out the rockstar in you through shiny metallic belts from Diesel from 80’s &90’s . Beautifully crafted jackets and trench coats from the veteran fashion brand names like Burberry with the famous check lining on the inside, authentic  famous Christian Dior trench coats and suede & leather jackets from Aquascutum , Moschino and Armani. In addition to European brands there are many American brands like  Levis offering its faded  vintage look collection of denim jeans and jackets and Guess displaying its expertise through  tweed jackets in variety of colours with embroidered collars and to embody the sporty feeling you find the very retro styled badges on shoulder pads and sleeves of fleece jackets of the brand Hutcher’s.
We find a very vintage piece of garment known as ‘Frak’ or ‘Tail coats’ from the 50’s stylishly displayed here. Unique collection of sportswear clothes and shoes specially for Cycling from the 60’s and 70’s from Italy and France add an active element to the store. Hats!! The completion to a woman’s attire is displayed here with pride on a pedestal, literally. Beautiful felt and velvet hats with variety of brooches & feather adding  more feminity to the rugged outer display of the store . Spread across the shop, we find a classy collection of  leather , rich luxurious looking  fabrics and lurex canvas handbags with the celebrated logo of Gucci and Pierre Cardin embossed carefully.
While visualizing ‘Vintage’ wear, an image of women’s attire comes to our thoughts. Yet this store stocks up equal number of  items for men and women. Men can  celebrate the bygone eras of  fashion  by adding few items into their wardrobe . Rugged leather boots made from range of animal skins  with different finishes  with  add-ons like  metallic buckles or embroidery to them. Ferragamo shoes for men are quite popular here in addition to vintage canvas shoes from Adidas and Harley-Davidson . There is a bit of ‘Vintage’ for everyone’s yearning. The diversity of the merchandise extends from  retro themed badges to old fashioned Barbie doll model to  old movies video cassettes available in English and Italian. Good news for students and fashion designers, here you find magazines that hold around 70 -80 paper patterns of the vintage styles clothing . In conclusion we safely  say that we are always influenced  by the past period  in fashion that  immensely affects our outlook towards  fashion in today’s time. Come ,live that feeling through the Collection of Vintage Clothing at through the palette of various stores in Florence.

By Priyanka Chugh

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wood Jewellery

Wood Jewellery Box for Girls Hand Carved Brass Inlay Work (wc465)

Jewellery is something that we all take fancy for and are inspired to make it an essential component of the wardrobe. In other sense, jewellery constitutes an important role in making a fashion statement; after all, the glittery, vivid reflection appeals to every eye. Incidentally, one important type of jewellery is wood jewellery that is inspiring host of jewellery aficionados to get their hands on it. By long odds, wood jewellery has its own different appeal and value as a result of which it is coming to the front rapidly in the jewellery bazaar.
It would be a misapprehension if wood jewellery is considered to be a novelty, yet in fact the history highlights that the concept has been passed on by the ancient people that used to make it via the different materials like stones, shells, bones, woods etc.
Wood jewellery, as the name itself suggests, is made of wood and basically come in certain patterns including pinks, hair accessories, necklaces, anklets, earrings, bracelets, brooches etc. in dissimilar shapes including flowers, fruit and plants. At the same time, some handpicked wood jewellery are also in vogue and are basically made of vividly colored natural timber incorporating constituents of some metals and other specific materials in a little amount.
The available styles and designs in contemporary wood jewellery will inspire even the most judicious shoppers to consider for buying without fail. As tastes and preferences vary from person to person, the prevalence of traditional or vintage wood jewellery in the market makes sense especially for the respective types of customers. To add extra d├ęcor to the jewellery, the incorporation of small pieces of metal, precious gemstones and plastic beads has also become widespread.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Microfiber Slacks: Fashion for All Occasions

Pants will never go out of style. It may take on different forms and styles, but a good old pair of pants will always be in fashion. This is why you must invest in good quality pairs of pants that will last for many years. Microfiber slacks are among the most comfortable and durable kinds of pants that you must definitely have in your closet.
Microfiber is a type of synthetic fabric that is commonly made from polyamides, polyester or a combination of the two. This material is often used in making textiles that are woven, unwoven or knitted, which are then used in making various types of clothing. Aside from apparel, microfiber is also widely used in making industrial filters, upholstery and cleaning materials that are used on gadgets, such as mobile phones, music players and gaming consoles.
There are many reasons why microfiber is a top choice in making these useful things. Its durability, softness, strong wicking ability, absorbent property, water repellency, filtering capabilities and electrodynamics make it the perfect material for such stuff.
In apparels, a pair of microfiber slacks always makes a great fit and is very stylish. It can be used as an office attire because it looks very corporate. It may also be used in formal occasions by pairing it with an appropriate top. Its elegance is truly classic. If you thought it will not work as a casual piece of clothing, think again. More daring and adventurous men and women of fashion these days are not afraid to experiment with the microfiber pants. They wear it casually by simply folding the hems outward. It may be paired with a button-down shirt and worn with a belt. For the right footwear, booties are a safe choice as well as heels.
Sometimes, putting up the right ensemble is really just a matter of proper color combination. But you might also want to consider the material of each piece that you wear. Some materials do not look very well together even if their colors complement each other perfectly. Slacks, in general come in warm colors since they are often associated with the corporate world. It may be black, brown, khaki, navy blue or moss green. There are also slacks in lighter colors, such as shades of gray, white and beige. These may also be worn at the office but might be more appropriate for other functions and events.
Taking care of clothes made of microfiber fabric, such as slacks, is very important. Although this material is proven durable, still you need to take the proper steps in caring for it to make sure that it will last for a long time. Follow the instructions indicated on the tags of the microfiber clothes that you have carefully to avoid damaging the material as you wash it. Use only cleaning products that have been proven safe to use on such fabric. Ironing instructions, especially on microfiber slacks, must also be followed exactly as indicated to avoid burning the fabric.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dressing with sense and simplicity: Organic Fabrics and Clothing

No one would like to eat a bowl of pesticides drenched food. Then why wear clothing doused in chemicals?

Centuries before people use to live in harmony with nature and believed in giving even better environment for their coming generations. Now, people have crossed all limits dominated by the voracity of luxuries, benefits and money. This is taking a serious toll on the environment, and on the lives of all living beings in the planet.
The 'Chemical Cocktail' of Clothing:
When considering a healthy lifestyle, fabric is the first thing that comes to mind. Synthetic fabrics' teeming with chemicals and dyes pose severe health threats. Synthetic fibers makes the skin uncomfortable due to the presence of toxins in them. From towels to bed linens, and clothes they are all-pervading in our everyday life. Apart from the potential health hazards to humans, these synthetic fibers also leach into the environment causing serious damages to soil, air, ground water, and other living beings around us.
The Environment Shield Organization of US has declared that seven out of the top fifteen pesticides are used for growing conventional cotton, and are regarded as the most environment polluting pesticides. On the contrary, organic cotton is cultivated using untreated GMO seeds, and by adopting biological based growing practices. A beneficial habitat planting method is adopted which prevents pests, thereby eliminating the usage of toxic chemicals.
Natural Dyes Vs Synthetic Dyes:
Synthetic dyes involve many carcinogenic chemicals and effluents that are discharged into the river or atmosphere causing pollution. Chemicals used on fabrics can contain allergens, carcinogens and mutagens. Dyes that are used for special effects on textiles such as flame retardant, stain resistant etc., are likely to create health problems. Natural dyes are obtained from renewable sources, and are good to skin. They are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Natural dyes are enriched with medicinal and curative properties, and impart healing qualities to the wearer of the fabric dyed with them. They save energy as they are not made from petroleum products. Furthermore, they provide rural employment, and also preserve traditional craftsmanship.
Life with natural fibers':
Acrylic, polyester, nylon, rayon, triacetate, acetate and other fabrics labeled as stain & wrinkle resistant, and moth repellent will have ample amount of chemicals in their making. These fabrics can be avoided, and replaced with natural fabrics like wool, silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, and hemp. Organic and herbal clothing is more preferable for people who are very sensitive to chemicals. Researches on people with multiple chemical sensitivities reveal that organic clothing is essential in reducing their exposure to toxic chemicals.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Five Eco-friendly Buys

Purchasing eco-friendly products can make a difference in our world. So Jasmeen Dugal scoured the market for sustainable and chic clothing, skincare and bath products to add a touch of green to your wardrobe.
Samant Chauhan
Samant Chauhan joined the green movement with his spring 2008 collection made using raw Bhagalpur silk, linen and cotton-linen blends; the golden yarns were made of silk wastes that he further hand-knitted for a spectacular effect. Today he has made 'non-violent silk'a way of life. 'Silkworms are killed while producing silk. This can be done away with easily. I want to condemn such an inhumane practice. The silk used for my collections have been hand woven and made from an eco-friendly process without the use of any dyes,' he said. If this isn't reason enough to vote for Samant Chauhan, his contemporary design aesthetic will do the needful.
Samant Chauhan, 421-A Shahpur Jat, Haus Khas, New Delhi. Tel: 41841509
'Grassroots' by Anita Dongre
Grassroots by Anita Dongre was the first organic line in the country. Inspired by the process of making vegetable dyes without wastage during a trip to Samanthwadi in Goa, Anita Dongre whipped up a chic collection of dresses, blouses, skirts and jackets in organic cotton—in just 30 days! Her price range begins at Rs. 4,000 upward but the designer explains, 'Organic cotton is a bit more expensive than conventional cotton as the yield per acre is lesser... but it has anti-bacterial properties and is cooler than cotton in warm climes.'
Grassroots, DLF Place, Saket, Delhi; Palladium, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

'Green'by Lecoanet Hemant
Once upon a time we knew a duo who made uptown-chic dresses for the young, spirited A-list. Of late, Lecoanet Hemant seems to have been trying on a different aesthetic hat: eco-friendly fashion. Their collection titled 'Green' has many stylish pieces, among them silk chiffon textured jackets, organic cut-out apron tops with panelled shorts, silk faille pleated dresses with a mesh neckline, and a mesh sequined skirt. The fabric line-up is organic i.e. cotton, poplin, khadi and handloom silk embellished with camouflage motifs of bamboo and frangipani leaves. Glimpses of the duo's original direction are present too such as chiffon plisse evening gowns—a reminder of what this industry darling can do.

Stella McCartney

Vegan fashion is synonymous with Stella McCartney. All of her clothes are animal-free, including a line of shoes that forego PVC-based plastics in favour of materials derived from plants. Examining her autumn 2010 collection, we like the sheer organza overlays draped on a one-shoulder iridescent paillette dress and a nude bustier embroidered with burgundy roses.
Stella McCartney, UB Mall, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru

LUSH Natural Cosmetics
Lush believes in making bath, shower, hair and skincare products from organic fruits and vegetables. Go for conditioning soapCreamed Coconut and Almond Smoothie. You will smell of jasmine, vanilla, ylang ylang and labdanum natural essential oils, so there's no need to waste time spraying on perfume. [Rs. 830] or try the Brazened Honey Mask, which contains a blend of fruit juice, Ayurveda herbs and spices. With almonds to polish and moisturizing honey, this blend will leaves your skin vibrant and reinvigorated. [Rs. 620].
Lush, Select City Walk Mall, Saket, Delhi. URL:

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Cleaning the Dirty Water by NVIRO

Today all government administration carry on taking schemes to support energy effectiveness for their economy, wastewater treatment and renewable energy are also some of the areas that are going through expansion and growth. Thermal drying alternatives for treating biosolids are advancing more and getting more recognition. Many companies are determined to put themselves as leaders that can give alternative global solutions to their end users.
One of these companies is N-Viro International Corp. The N-Viro technologies involve the mixing of municipal bio solids with specific alkaline waste products from the coal combustion electric generation, cement and lime industries. This process stabilizes organic waste through pasteurization and complete disinfection.
This way helps disinfect and stabilize municipal biosolids as well as other organic waste products
Principally, N-Viro converts unlike kinds of waste to energy which is valuable and useful product. Today, its patented N-Viro Process technology is being used for wastewater sludge recycling from municipal sludge treatment facilities.Its benefits comprise the neutralization of different toxic components, stabilization of wastewater sludge, reduction of odor and generation of a product that has lots of commercial uses.
The company’s alternative energy technology was developed from municipal biosolids and organic wastes. Its opportunity fuels can be used as a clean coal alternative in coal-fired power plants
Patents were filed on various improvements in the N-Viro BioDry technology, which is typically used for wastewater biosolid stabilization and disinfection.
For more information about N-Viro International Corp. and its technologies, visit

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anand Kabra

Anand Kabra's show entitled 'She was so dark that she was Blue' is his best collection till date. The varying hues of mysterious rivers and reflective watery prisms united this slick presentation of autumn, resort and Indian separates seamlessly!
The immaculately tailored short dresses, flattering jackets and the hip glazed cotton trench in tones of grey black and navy, were deftly shown along side looser silhouettes in hand painted silks of palest lilacs through to the deepest violet of velvet pansies. Silk chiffon floaty but structured tops in Yves Klein and Bluebell blues with accents of black looked chic over silk palazzo pants and brushed cotton wide trousers. The jumpsuit in a Lycra silk blend was masterfully cut (a rare achievement as too often this 80's look can end up looking like a leftover from an Abba reunion!). Metal button embellishment added modernity to the Indigo saris.
Bravo, Anand!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fashion tips for women over 40

Dress right age is very important for you and their social status. Sense of fashion has no age limit, but some clothes are designed specifically to fit the particular age. With over 40 does not mean that you can dress in style in order to find appropriate but still sexy and beautiful. The women are beautiful at any age and fashion is something that can accentuate the beauty.
Women, as they begin to spend a certain age begin to lose interest in the way they look, they begin to underestimate lose their confidence and style. It is a mistake that all women should avoid. The beauty does not keep track of age, any reports on how a person feels acts and shows. The beauty, femininity and style are the qualities that every woman has to lose or give up. All you need to do is adapt and remain fashionable.
Fashion designers have always tried to create teams to address different age groups. Some teams are targeting women in their 20s, some women in their 30 and so on. Women of their style of clothing have to change direction very chic and elegant. It’s like the most in touch with fashion is chic and elegant.
Over 40 women tend to move towards the classic, but I know that a touch of modernity does not hurt. I’m not talking mini skirts, but the set that are timeless and eternal. Your body changes with age, the changes must be made.